Good moments in a school in Torja

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Last Friday on the 10th April 2015, Ráduly Attila member of the Green Sun Association, and EVS Volunteer from Austria Melissa Öller was invited in a school in Torja by László Kónya volunteer of the Green Sun Association, German teacher in the school. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page .

Around 8:00 o'clock, they arrived to the School. Some of the students were already waiting in the class. At first they presented themselves, and Attila talked a little bit about the Green Sun Association. After that they were asking Melissa different questions. Than they started with a game to know each other better. It was very funny and the students liked the game. After that they made a short break, and after the break Melissa started with the presentation about Austria. The students were very interested and they knew already a little bit about Austria that was very good. After the presentation they made energizers, and the weather was very good, so they was making the games outside. It was very funny. After that Melissa made a quiz with the students, and they remembered very well, the winner group got a little gift. At the end Melissa asked the students to give her a feedback, how they liked the day. It was a nice day, with great people! Author: Melissa Öller