Green day in Molnár Józsiás School!!

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This time, Green Sun Association went to Molnár Józsiás School to enjoy a good morning doing different activities and speaking about the Earth day. Photos from event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The morning starts with a fun game about animals, the aim of that was try to know the different habitats that every animal can live. Other important thing nowadays is the recycling and the importance to put each residue in the corresponding container, so we played one game with different circles and a dice , learning a little bit about recycling.

During the morning they wanted to play all the time. Children had a lot of energy so not all time was green activities, so with a ball we could play another fun game and they enjoyed a lot. The class was not very big but enough for have a good time with one different day at school.

Was a wonderful morning and the children were very happy and we hope that they could learn something about Earth day. Its very grateful say goodbye and the children give you a huge hug so we hope we come back again and learn a lot of things with them.

Author: Silvia Blanco Gonzalez