Green Days 2nd number is out

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In the newest print of the Green Sun Association we can read about the charity night from Uzon, drawing exhibitions, Büdös Hegy and KSE days, Nemere trail III and „Tiszta Feketeügyet” camp programs, and many others. From Biró Levente`s publication the readers can find out, the seasons most active volunteer is Gyöne Anna. In „Green keys” heading – one of the most popular ones - Tóth Katalin environmental specialist gives us some tips in her article. Volunteer at Green Sun – you can read under this title Kocsis István`s GSA activists experiences. From Pál-Varga Réka we get some information abuot her experiences, the knowledge she got with GSA in Hamburg. The pages which came out on 1st of July tell us about the Nemere Trail Camp . Ráduly Attila`s(GSA president) report contains many important informations about the bicycle tour. Readers also have to oportunity to have a look at the upcoming programs. Lakatos Éva, GSA Sepsi-region vice-president tells us about the Child day programme called „Civil Palánta” organised in Sepsiszentgyörgy, while Kocsis Zoltán presents Family Jogging day II. Free print can be accesed here (Hungarian), or at

Translated by F.Zs.