The Green Days of Spring were organised for the fifth time

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Between March 28th and 30th the Green Sun Association together with the local sport office organized the Spring Green Days for the fifth time. More than three hundred people were involved during the three day event, everyone could find the nicest amusment for oneself, since there were tree planting, waste collection, performances and have joined the Earth Hours. At the same time took place roundtable discussions, table - tennis championship and cycling skills competitions. The photographs made on Friday can be seen here.

The organizers opened the event with a tree planting actions on Friday at 14. a.m. At the Square next to the Sport Hotel were managed to plant more than 30 deciduous trees, a great number of the local population joined in the action. At the same time the Csipkerózsika Kindergarten was involved, whose big group adopted the saplings. Also on that day was held the cycling skills competitions. This year again proved to be very popular the cycling skills competition in four categories where more than forty children could measure their cycling abilities. The aim was to promote cycling from the early childhood. In the afternoon the Greens from Kézdivásárhely and the Civil Federation of Covasna County jointly called those who were interested to their office for a round-table discussion. For the thematic discussions along civilians have been invited the representatives of the local press. Here were described the relationship between civilians and the press. On Saturday, a table-tennis competition was launched in the city`s Sports Hall. Here a total of 26 entered for nominated in three categories. The category winners received medals and diplomas. After finishing the championship, the Pro Pectus Association has set up a booth at the forefront of the Sport Hall, where were made diffrent recycled objects from waste. Simultaniously, the Greens joined to the Spring Removal Action organized by Gosp-Com Ltd. and Kézdivásárhely Major Office. Three temporary selectiv waste collection green islands were designed in the urban area. The set up collection points gathered from the population in the near by region of Kézdivásárhely 268 kg of plastic, 350 kg of glass, 3022 kg paper, 90 liters of edible oils, 10 kg of batteries and 3000 kg of electronic waste. For one kilo of paper of were paid 10 bani, for one kilo of plastic 50 bani and for one kilo of electrical waste 30 bani, which value the waste transporter company will detract from the next invoice. The main moment of the evening was the accsion for the Earth Hour, where candles were distributed to those present and from it the sexagesimal was shaped. The Earth Hour movment traditional 60 logo symbolizes the action 60 minutes, by which they like to draw attention to the importance of environment protection. In this year "+" mark was added, with the aim that, afterh the 60 minutes have elapsed, to think about the environment also on the other days of the year. For the amusment of those present, Klára Kamilla prepaired a musical whos, Fejér Zsombor was singing folk-songs, while Sebestyén Henrietta was reciting. The photographs made on Saturday can be seen here. Sunday`s program scene was the Sport Motel`s living room. With the title of Green Education were presented environmental issues at 11.a.m. First Gál László was keeping a discourse about his "bear experences", then Kisgyörgy Ágnes presented the importance of First Aid, Szabó Attila and Bede Tímea, Dance for Peace in Spain as a special trent, Babos Botond descbribed the LEADER program as an application opportunity and finally we could learn about Oláh Attila`s dreams. Román Katalin dropped a word about Green Organizations in Hungary. Finally Furus Levente autlined "Cycle for a good goal" as a source of money. During the presentations breals the participants had the opportunities to measure thein ecological footprint. The photographs made on the 3rd day can be seen here ..

Our partners were: Kézdivásárhely Municipality, Pro Pectus Association, the sport office of Kézdivásárhely and CIVEK.

Author: Attila Ráduly Translated by Gecse Rozália