The Green Days of Spring were organised for the third time

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Between 30th March and 1st of April the Green Sun Association organized for the third time the Green Days of Spring with more than 250 participants. All participants could find the most suitable entertainment for themselves, they could choose among roundtable discussions, presentations and guitar-evenings. The photographs made on Friday can be seen here.

The three day long Green Days of Spring started on Friday afternoon with the traditional civil roundtable discussion. The Green Sun Association and the Civilek Háromszékért Szövetség (CIVEK) convened the non-profit organisations of kézdiszék to meet in the lounge of the sport motel to discuss about 7 major topics. The discussed themes were the Nemere Trail finished in September and its’ future developments in 2012, the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the civil catalogue of Háromszék and the Civil Consultation Days as well. During the Civil Consultation Days the CIVEK leading members will provide consultation and advices for NGOs in legal, financial and projects topics. The Civil Consultation Days take place once in every month at Barót and Kézdivásárhely. In addition they were discussing about problems and different movements affecting NGOs. 10 NGOs were represented at the event. On Saturday took place for the third time the region’s environmental organizations’ meeting. The meeting started from 10 AM; it’s aim was to promote the cooperation between the region’s green NGOs and to discuss about the major environmental problems and events. During the meeting it was presented the Transylvanian products database initialized by the Green Szeklerland Association. Besides the current green problems, the attendees had the opportunity to get an insight into the waste collection issues and problems of Kézdivásárhely, through the Gosp-Com Ltd.’s director, Zonda Balázs. At the same time the Greens joined as partners into the big spring clean-up organized by the City Council of Kézdivásárhely. The garbage bags used during the garbage collecting action were provided by the City Council. The evenings’ main movement was joining to the Earth Hour action, where candles were distributed and the participants formed the number of 60 from candles. In compariosn between the number of participants last year and this year, this year there were only 50 participants, while last year there were more than 100 persons who lightend a candle in front of the sports arena. Participants think the bad, rainy and windy weather was the reason of this. For the amusement of the participants Fejér Ameli Lilla sang folk songs and Kudelász Gyöngyi played the guitar. The photographs made on Saturday can be seen here.

The venue of the programs organised on Sunday was the Vigado community center. Starting at 12 o’clock, more environmental presentations were presented with the theme: Green Education. Tóth Katalin presented the green offices, Szőcs Csongor answered the question „How can we produce products from waste?”, Borbáth Mónika demonstarted the Transylvanian landscape architecture, Szabó László explained how the solar cells work. During the coffe breaks the participants had the opportunity to play origami, to measure ecological footprints, and to complete various green totos. Following the presentations the organisors evaluated them using a quiz, and showed the most important events in pictures. During the presentations the Pro Pectus Association set up a stand in the lobby, where various recycled objects were made from waste materials. The weekend events were closed by the presentation of Gál László’s nature film: Moments brought from the forest. The photographs made on the 3rd day can be seen here .. Our partners were: Kézdivásárhely Municipality, Vigadó, Pro Pectus Association, the sport office of Kézdivásárhely, CIVEK.

Author: Attila Ráduly Translated by Péter Csilla