Green Gymkhana in Kézdikővár

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At 18 April, children of Kézdikővár could play in a gymkhana thanks to good weather conditions. They played against the clock in five different games.  In total six teams were formed based on colours. Photoes during the activity are available on the Facebook page of the association.

In 12 minutes they had to move water on a spoon from a container to a pitcher with measures, but this was not the hardest game. Another one consisted in try to get the maximum possible eggs into a cap, and it was difficult to transport them, since they could only do by holding them with legs.

A fun morning that the children could also learn how to separate different materials when recycling or also play “Mölkky” a game of Finnish origin. With these activities the children could play in team where they could connect with other co-workers whom with they do not keep just a daily relationship and development aid of each other as in this case , to get points and get the ultimate prize.

Finally the fastest group got to be the winner and receive the deserved award.

Author: Silvia Blanco Gonzalez