Green organizations hand in hand

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It has been a matter of thinking for some time, for a group of environmental civil organizations, how to invigorate green civil movement, how to improve it in a way that the civil organizations of the region would carry on their everyday job more effectively. The current situation needs no presentation to most of us: there aren’t many active green organizations, there are several challenges, problems; everybody is wrapped up in their daily rush and scarcely do they know about organizations established a few kilometers far from them. They aren’t acquainted with those common points that would come to ease their own work and those of others. In order to begin this kind of process, representatives of several green civil organizations from Szeklerland met recently in Miercurea-Ciuc. In the course of the meeting several issues have been discussed: the undertaking of action of civil organizations, their transparency, issues related to volunteering, financial stability, and last but not least the question of the importance of civil, independent, apolitical trade associations was discussed as well. In the course of the meeting the participants manifested an unilateral interest in the continuation of this cooperation, moreover the idea of the founding of an umbrella organization also came up, that though without legal entity but would unite the organizations wanting to join in. Thereinafter other similar meetings will take place regularly, each time at a different location. The nearest meeting of the environmental organizations will take place in Sf. Gheorghe, in the second half of January. More information: Zöld SzékelyFöld Egyesület (Csíkszereda) Green Sun Association (Kézdivásárhely) ’Lost World’ Environmental Turistic and Potholer Association (Barot) Vinca Minor Association (Sepsiszentgyörgy) Green Klub Association (Sepsiszentgyörgy) Transylvanian Carpathian Association – the section from Székelyudvarhely

Author: Csonta László Translated by Gy. A. Photo: Demeter Zoltán