Being volunteer in Green Sun Association – Szabó Attila

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I am being asked by many people why am I volunteering for the Green Sun Association. My answer is simple: because I really love doing it, because protecting the environment is very important for me. I think there are few other ways to bring the importance of protecting our environment to people’s attention. It would be a real challenge to iniciate campaigns of this nature of my own. But this way, being a team, people pay attention to our activity, and I have the opportunity to do something for my future and others future. As a matter of fact, volunteering is an activity which is done by a single person or a small community, regularly or occasionally, in homeland or abroad, for a common interest, without expecting material goods in change. The volunteer does not enjoy any payment for his or her work, but does not replace a payed worker. The advantage of volunteering is that it favours the integration in society, reduces the poverty and exclusion. It helps to better our environment and community. I think I described really well my activity within the association. You do not get material compensation, but it provides a satisfaction which cannot be bought with money. During my activity within the Green Sun Association, mostly I helped or tried to help – depending on my spare time – in organising events, having the opportunity to aknowledge problems which people do not like to talk about, or refuse to see. The Green Sun Association, being a nongovernmental organisation, deals mostly with problems relating the protection of the environment, by organising all kinds of events to raise the people’s attention on collecting waste selectively or living healthy. It is important for us to inform people about what we are doing, what the association’s aim is, so they know who to turn to if they need help or they want to help. Besides the programmes and professional approach, I got to know lots of new people, who later became my friends and part of my life. The best thing is that our ways of thinking are similar and we are able to spend our spare time together cloudless. And these friendships are real and important. We are a family, the Green Sun’s family. It is good to know that I am part of a community which helps people, and sees the beautiful, the good, even in these tough times. I hope that more and more people will join the volunteers.

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