Green Sun Association has evaluated 2013’s activity

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The Green Sun Association held its end of year meeting yesterday. After the review of the year 2013, they went on to emphasize the future plans of the association. The photos taken at this event can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

The main goal of the event was for the participants to discuss the results of the most important events of the year they left behind and to report the activities carried out. After greeting the participants, Ráduly Attila, president of the association summed up the work year 2013 in a presentation. The participants couldn’t but remember interesting and heart-warming moments they encountered along the activities. Then went on to set the goals of the year ahead. First of all we will continue organizing the successful events of the year 2013, but will also thrive to further expand the span of these activities. After that Attila Balázs, former volunteer coordinator thanked the volunteers for their selfless work, which sometimes meant sacrificing their free time. At the general meeting the past year’s operation and budget were also summarized, as well as all communication activities. Without a doubt the Green Sun Association has grown to be a strong community, operating by its statutory objectives. This evening, similarly to others before was spent in an informal atmosphere, enjoyable for both the youngest members and the older generation. After the comments, opinions and suggestions the end-of-year meeting closed with a toast.

Article by: Ráduly Attila Translation: György Andrea