Green Sun Association in Kökös kindergarden

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On April 2, 2015 Green Sun Association members Ráduly Attila, Derzsi Katalin and Celine Berthier EVS volunteer from France were present in Chichiş kindergarten honoring the invitation of Szabó Carmen Valentina. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

At activities were present the pre-schoolers from small, medium and big group led by Hadnagy Zita and Szabó Carmen Valentina educators. Children had the opportunity to participate in 3 activities, during which members of the association have worked with educators helping children in performing tasks. Activities aim was to familiarize children with different materials, assembly selective waste recycling methods, and drawing attention to the environment in which they live. Also the presence of French volunteers was itself a wonderful experience. The first activity the children were identifying different types of waste and decide from what kind of material have been produced, they have grouped then and have learned with a game. The second activity was the realization of a flower from egg casing, the goal was that children realize that from objects that seem unnecessary we can manufacture something beautiful and useful. In the end, members of the association chose a kindergarten yard game, where the goal was that children observe plants, trees in the courtyard of the kindergarten and to be able to identify them.