Green Sun Association visited Sugásfürdö

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Green Sun Association visited Kálnok Village`kids in the religion camp organized in Sugásfürdő on 13th July. First we met Tóth Anna the priest of the reformd comunity from Kálnok.  Founder of the Green Sun Association Ráduly Attila first gave to children information about the association and then foreign volunteers introdured themmself to children. First turkish volunteer Ayşe Büşra Yılmaz introduced herself and her culture and after the armenian volunteer Haykuhi Harutyunyan. The lot of of questions and curiosty of the children made us really happy.

On the activity participated 31 children. After the presentation of the association, Haykuhi Harutyunyan EVS volunteer had start the activity, with a speacial finger game to relax the children's and make them prepared for the main activity. We continued by making outside activities for children because the weather was beautiful. After we start the main activities with the objective to make children aware of the importance of the recycling trough some creative handcraft activities. The handcrafts was conducted by organization member Derzsi Katalin and EVS volunteers Haykuhi Harutyuyan and Ayşe Büşra Yilmaz. This activity was about CD's. And children learned to recycle in this activity. After the handcraft event we went out again played two more games with the participants. We talked about recycling to children by making a closing with the last activity the water game.

We would like to thank Erasmus Plus, Our sponsor for these processes. Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page.


Photo: Derzsi Katalin