Green Sun School on the National Bird & Tree Day

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On the occasion of the National Bird & Tree Day, Green Sun Association visited the elementary school in Kézdikővár and Molnár Józsiás School in Kézdivásárhely. The children learned about the importance of birds and environmental protection through a series of games such as ice-breakers, sound guessing games and idioms - in accordance with the theme.

First organized in 1902 by ornithologist István Chernel, National Bird & Tree Day has a century-long history, aiming to raise awareness of different bird and tree species and to increase the involvement of the society and the youth in nature conservation. Bird & Tree Day is celebrated on 10th May. The event was possible through the Erasmus + program. 

For more photos, please visit the association's Facebook page.

Author: Fabók Zsófia

Photo: Carmen Gallardo