Green Sun Tent at KSE Days 2013

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During 5-9 June the yearly organised KSE-days were organized for the 12th time by the Mayor’s Office of Kézdivásárhely and the Sport Association of Kézdivásárhely. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

At the KSE-days the Green Sun Association also participated. This activity took place in between Sport Center and Sinkovits Stadium. In this day there were a lot children playing basketball and doing some others activities. There were also possible eat some food, listen music and play paintball. Our association, with help of some volunteers, had been playing with every child who wanted to participate in our activities, for example the recycle board. This day it was a good time for Kezdi and for everyone who wants to do something different or simply play some sport.

Author: Gema Puerma Castillo