György Andrea summary

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My name is György Andrea, I’m an English teacher and for a few months a volunteer of the Green Sun Association. I’ve known about the association since its founding and I’ve found out about their activities in greater detail, through my brother, who is a member of this group. I saw him organize together with the other members of this enthusiastic team, a lot of activities and happenings and I also participated at several of them, together with my students or individually – for example Peace Day, Earth Hour, Green Days of Spring, respectively some presentations. 2011 is the year of volunteering, and I myself joined the Green Sun Association in the spring of this year, and thus became a member of a cheerful, enthusiastic little team. With them, I had an eventful summer: I met a lot of new people; I helped paint-mark the Nemere Trail for bikers and hikers, was a member in the brook cleaning action and just recently participated with the team at a cauldron-stew cooking contest, within the confines of Kovaszna Days 2011. On the other hand there were several meetings in town, with the purpose of bringing together the members of the team, at the occasion of which we always had a lot of fun. As a member of the Green Sun Association I plan to participate at a lot of interesting and meaningful activities and events together with my students, since it is important to ‘plant the seeds’ in an early age and make children and teenagers aware of the importance of an environmental-conscious thinking and behavior.