'How to use compost?

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During the past 2 weeks, EVS volunteers Ieva Brikmane and Gayane Asatryan from the Green Sun Association have been making a compost flyer. Now it is ready and you can find it on the web page of Green Sun Association. Its publishing will be later, in August. What can you find in this flyer? You can find out the answers to the following questions: -'What is compost?'/ How you can find information in «Composting benefits», - 'What do you put in it? And what don’t you put in it' (If you want to get compost) , - 'How to use compost?', -'Where to make compost?', -'What is a compost bin?', -'What are the steps for composting? The information is presented clearly and everybody can use it. I would like to inform, that volunteers had met with Szőcs Csongor, who is a specialist of composting. Volunteers thank him for his advice. You can read the flyer free on Green Sun Associationweb. So, it's easy to make and use compost!

Author: Gayane Asatryan