Hungarians on the Northern Arctic – Nonformal Geography lesson

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On December 4, beginning from 18 a clock, in the House of Collection from Kézdivásárhely will be held a non-formal geography lesson (2 session of 45 minutes). The lessons are part of the „MOZDULJ” (MOVE) program under the name „Magyarok a világ nyolcezresein” (Hungarians on the top of the 8000 meters mountains) Mécs László and Kollár Lajos alpinist are onoring the invitation of Secklers on the top of the mountains. They will show a movie with narration in live. The presentation leads the following topics: The role of the mountains in our life. The formation of the mountains. Meteorology. The relation between nature and humanity. The development between the mountains and man: historically, religious, philosophically, literature and climbing –historically overview. Movie: Even beyond the glass mountain . The history of skiing on the ice sheet of Gronland – not just sport, but real fight against the challenges of the Arctic, the exotic landscapes and other interesting things. The team of the „Magyarok a világ nyolcezresein” believes that it is important to share their experiences and trough this make people aware about the importance of practicing sport, to live a healthy life, to travel, etc. In their ecologically program they make people aware about the protection of the natural values. Local partner: Green Sun Association Partners: Háromszék Community Foundation and House of collection