If there's a will, there's a way

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Today I want to speak about one of the benefits that I gain during my volunteering project. Being in a foreign country I decided to start life with new rules, trying to do things that I had used to postponed. So I  have started traveling, hitchhiking, getting new acquainted and so on. Today I wanna tell about people whom I met.

During this 3 months I met a lot of kind, interesting and adorable people. Usually, people used to say that there's obviously no humanity left in people, that they're all self-centered, that this world has rotted away and because of all this bureaucracy, people cannot live, they are just surviving. In my opinion, this judgments are further from the truth.
  My little trips made me think like that. I’ve met people who left me to another city for absolutely free, they keep telling a lot of funny, interesting stories, always suggesting their help, one man even took us from Brasov to Bucharest stadium though he was not from Bucharest and it was far away from his homeplace. He gave his number and said that we can call him anytime if we need help. It wasn’t a one-time thing. Due to couchsurfing I met people who gave me home, drink, took a lot of interesting places, and invited to stay again if there be need. I met person who traveled alone to a lot of countries being a student who didn’t have a lot of money or any plan. He ate canned food and bread, slept in different dormitories where there were free beds, worked as a waiter to earn for food.
  Examples are diverse but conclusion is the same: If there's a will, there's a way.

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