Inauguration of the Fitness Park

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Saturday with the occasion of The Autumn Market the Community Foundation Háromszék and the Green Sun Association with the deputy mayor Derzsi Gyula inaugurated the fitness park in the Molnar Józsiás park, which was realized with the community action Ride for a good goal! Photos of the event can be viewed on the association Facebook.

Fleckhammer Otto, president of the Community Foundation Háromszék presented the association and the successful Community Card. He underlined that the board of directors set objectives that can be achieved. He also said that the park equipment has a forty year warranty period. Kinga Bereczki, executive director of the Community Foundation Háromszék underlined the community collaboration and thanked all partners and supporters, highlighting the town hall and Bakk Vitalis Maria Kinga, the New Fashion and Zarah Moden factories CEO for the major financial contribution. After the ribbon cutting the attendees have already taken possession of the fitness park. A report can be red on Monday in the Haromszek publication.

Author: Iochom Istvan Photo: Ráduly Attila,Tompa Reka