Include your will power - step 2

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From 11th until 20th of October, Tímea BARTOS and Emmanuelle BAILLET, volunteers in Green Sun Association participate in "Include your will power – step 2". A training course hosted by Child and youth union "Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi", supported by Green Sun Association.

Participants came together in the course who took place in Liepaja (Latvia) to develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes on social inclusion. 25 people were gathering: from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia. This project was a non-formal learning, proposed by our trainers: Zigimants KRESLINS, Liga KRESLINA, Mitja JAVORNIK and Maris CEIRULIS. First of all, we had excellent energizers and team building games in order to know each other better and learning to cooperate together during the session. We also had time for reflexion, thinking about our organization, how it works and what can be improved. It was the occasion to share our experiences and skills, we learnt a lot from each other! Moreover, we had concrete practices like being blind or deaf, or paralyzed: putting yourself in someone else's place brings you another perception of your environment. However, the experience that was the most rewarding and impactful from my point of view was the activities that we prepare and did with disability adults and childrens. It makes you think in a different way And one word for ending: GREAT! It was a great group, with a great dynamic, great works and big thanks to Liga and Zigis for their great works, great things would not have happens without your great implication on this training!

Author: Emmanuelle Baillet