Interactive activities in Special school of Saint George.

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Green Sun association representatives Derzsi Katalin and Melissa Oller EVS volunteer from Austria, honoring the invitation of Professor Doltea Enikő, conducted interactive activities for students from VI-VII classes,in the institution mentioned above. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The two hours activity full of games not only gave the students a good state, but also were educational. Games aimed to develop a sense of solidarity, social relationships between students and not least developed students' ability to work together, to build social relationships. Games like Earth, Air, Water, and who am I ?, energizing games helped students to develop verbal and non-verbal abilities, and to broaden general information they had about certain topics. Beside the knowledge of color and their association with objects, preparing a special collage together, the ability to solve different situations, the spirit of competitiveness and orientation in space has managed to create a place where students felt better, and worked with a positive emotional character on them. Finally, it was noted that children had a positive attitude and felt motivated to carry out the activities