It was published the first English brochure

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On the 2nd anniversary of Green Sun Association it was presented their first 20 page long brochure in English. In the small introductory booklet you’ll find all important information you should know about them. After the president’s preface you’ll find a photo mosaic presenting members and volunteers of the association, than you can read about the association’s goals on a few pages. There is also presented the most significant activities carried out during this 2 years, like Green Days of Spring or the Buy Local Products campaign. On the remaining pages are introduced the association’s most active members who will talk about how they think about the Association and why do they consider important to be a volunteer. The Association recommends with love their brochure to everyone. You can read the introductory booklet on webpage.

Author: Pál-Varga Réka Translated by Péter Csilla