Joining forces for a greener future- first green meeting

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We are all aware of the importance of the NGO’s activities. Thanks to their hard work they reached a series of steps forward which avoids many people’s attention, although in many cases this doesn’t means a great financial effort.
In order to reach a much more effective cooperation between NGO’s, the Zöld SzékelyFöld Association and the Green Sun Association are organizing a green meeting.
“We would like to get together representatives of environmental organizations working in our region. The long term plan is that if the thing is viable there will be organized similar meetings every 3 months, always at a different settlement”-said the announcement of the organizers.
The first meeting will take place on 20th August in Csíkszereda. The aim of this meeting is to discuss about the main problems, challanges- e.g. functioning an organization- experiences, volunteering, projects, fundraising and main environmental problems typical to this region. Other issues are developing relationships between organizations, discussing problems, plans and realizations reached until now.
The organizers are looking forward to applications from part of all green associations until the 1st of August to the or e-mail adresses.

Translated by Péter Csilla