Know the Nemere Trail-Caravan

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At the end of November the Green Sun Association organized a guide caravan about Nemere Trail (handed over on 28th November), this took place in educational institutions of Háromszék. The photos about the caravan are on view on the Facebook page of Green Sun Association.

The organizers thought that is important to show the longest green route, where the caravan passes. In the past few days students of Bartha Károly School (Nagyborosnyó), students of Thúry Gergely School (Székelytamásfalva), students of Turóczi Mózes School (Kézdivásárhely), students of Petőfi Sándor School (Kézdivásárhely) and students of School of Zabola were guide in Nemere Trail, which involves fifty settlement with 230 km. More than two hundred and fifty participants got the Nemere Trail brochure, which was published in autumn. The brochure contains 32 pages and is avaible on the internet. The Nemere Trail has a lot of partners and is garner of opportunities. The aim of initiators is that the visitors spend more time in this region, explore the less visited natural and cultural values (ex. more than 100 years old churches and buildings); know the opportunities of Nemere Trail (walking in nature, healthy living, leisure and cultural activities, environment-, landscape- and heritage protection) with this contributing to the region's economic development. You can get more information about the rout on portal. The organizers thank the leaders and teachers of the schools of friendly welcome. The partner of the caravan is Communitas Foundation.

Translated by Csillag Judit Photo: Derzsi Eszter