KOLLÁR LAJOS and MÉCS LÁSZLÓ for the first time in Kézdivásárhely

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On December 4, in the House of Collection from Kézdivásárhely Kollár Lajos and Mécs László alpinists held a non-formal geography lesson about the role of the mountains and about the successful Gronland expedition. The 2 alpinists are promoting the healthy lifestyle, traveling. Together with Erőss Zsolt (died in 2013 in the Kangchenjunga expedition) they started the Hungarians on the top of the 8000 meter mountains – expedition series in 2002. Photos from the event area available at association Facebook page! The 2 alpinist came to the city for the first time. The team of the „Magyarok a világ nyolcezresein” believes that it is important to share their experiences and trough this make people aware about the importance of practicing sport, to live a healthy life, to travel, etc. In their ecologically program they make people aware about the protection of the natural values. Local organizer: Green Sun Association Sponsors: Covasna Community Foundation and House of Collection. Photo: Bíró Levente