The „Learning by Doing” project has just started

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In early February the „Learning by Doing” project of the Green Sun Associaton has begun. An Armenian (Gayane Asatryan) and a Latvian (Ieva Brikmane) girl will start their 11 months long volunteer work in the guild city. The volunteers are going to work and take part in the everyday activities of the Green Sun Association, they will participate in organizing the Green Days of Spring III, Day of Peace, Car Free Day, organising the photo contest, in the seasonally organized oil collecting action and in the development of the Nemere Trail. They will have the opportunity to see different programs from inside, organized by our partner organisations. Their primary mission is to raise awareness on environmentally-conscious mentality, to present and promote the opportunities offered and provided by the European Voluntary Service amongst the youth of Háromszék. During the last few days the preparation of the ground for the upcoming program have taken place, the volunteers will start their work and volunteer services from the 6th of February. The project is supported by the second subsection of the European Voluntary Service, part of the Youth in Action program.

Author: Attila Ráduly Translated by Péter Csilla