Let’s rise the sun III

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On this weekend of September, new and oldest volunteers and members of Green Sun Association gathered for a common purpose: know more about the association and its members. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

On the program of these 2 days of team building: informative presentations such as Attila Ráduly’s description of Green Sun activities during this year and Bandi Zsolt’s presentation about Nemere. Dynamics and energizer games were also shared like “Discover Kézdivásárhely”. Otherwise, the principal subject of this team building week-end was the lack of participations and implications from the volunteers on the Green Sun’s activities. Szabó Attila and Bandi Zsolt, respectively secretary and volunteer coordinator in the association, pointed out the fact that few volunteers are active in Green Sun (15 volunteers participates on this event, 35 to 40 were advised by phone). Despite of this ascertainment, participants were pleased of the Team Building weekend and are ready for the next rise of the sun. Author: Emmanuelle Baillet