Let's discover together Armenia

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Armenian volunteer of Green Sun Association, Zhenya Ohanyan invites you to the Armenian night - Armenia - – The Earth of the Sun on 26 January. If you participate, you will discover the Armenian culture and tradition and the you will have the opportunity to taste one of the famous Armenian dessert and you will also have the chance to learn and one traditional Armenian dance.

If what you read sparked your imagination, come in Vigadó on January 26 at 18.00 a clock . Do not be afraid come and participate! Entry is free.

Partners of the event: Vigadó and Erasmus +.
Media partners: Radio Profi, Kezdi.info, Székely Hírmondó, Siculus radio, Polyp TV, Háromszék, Szabadidőkalauz.

Posterdesign: Szederjesi Szidónia