Let's Move!

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Green Sun Association organized on 17 March in the Sport Center of the city the press conference of the project Let`s move! At a press conference Ráduly Attila the project coordinator presented  detailed the project. The fourth EVS project of the organization is named Let`s move! and this is because the aim of the project is to aware children and young people on the need to live healthy, and to practice different sports.  Sport regularly employs three things: determination, perseverance and action. Colorful programs offered by the association are suitable for people who have not yet taken the first step to apply a sport. Photos from event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

We consider important that movement to be part of everyone's life, because sport is an important element in the prevention of various diseases, such as obesity or even different illness of loco-motor apparatus. In addition to regular cycling events will put more emphasis on organizing the moving afternoon programs, running events (orientation, contests, 24 hours running day), table tennis, etc. One of the direct effects of these events is that participants will familiarize themselves more with different sports  and will practice these sports due to the interest and awareness practices. During the project will promote the possibilities offered by the EVS program and other mobility projects Erasmus plus. Among other things during the project volunteers offer assistance to the programs already entered into tradition in the life of the association. Also national evenings and foreign language clubs will continue. At the conference also spoke the two Spanish volunteers Silvia Gonzalez Blanco and Enrique De Paz Miguel. The third volunteer from Armenia, will join the project in April this year. The local partner of the project is the Sports Office of the City Kézdivásárhely.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus + program, the European Voluntary Service.