"Let's rise the sun!"

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During 17-18 November Green Sun Association organized Team building "Let's rise the sun!" for Green Sun members and volunteers. Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Green Sun association.

Trainers were Ráduly Attila, president of Green Sun and two EVS volunteers Ieva Brikmane and Gayane Asatryan. During 2 days participants got information about activyties of Green Sun during this year, about it’s web site, about how to write a project, and else. They play energizer’s games, games to know each other more, about team workers and very interesting city games. And evening they watch interesting movie also. Ieva and Gayane surprised them making very tasty cake. Note they were work with groups and write projects about cleaning city, photo exhibition, plant trees, make playground, don't cut Christmas trees and use not natural trees, and we sure next year they can do this projects with Green Sun. At the end of the program participants wrote about what they like or do not like in “Green Sun:, and what they want to change in the future.

Author: Gayane Asatryan Photo: Gayane Asatryan