Lifestyles in Icafalau!

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Most recently invited the tea evenings in Icafalău was none other than the president of the Green Sun association Ráduly Attila. He spoke about the opportunities of living a sustainable lifestyle, about methods that can be easily followed nowadays too. On the day when families do not know how many money they spend monthly, our grandmothers know very well how to save energy, money by cooking, cleaning or even on daily shopping. Photos from event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

In the presentation, he talked about the importance of water, thus remembering the recently celebrated World Water Day on March 22. Those present found out that our living  is based on water. We can not live without water, we need water both biologically, hygienically and for transport or production process. We also put importance during the night on how we can  prepare various dishwashing detergents. Derzsi Katalin showed those present a cheap and efficient way to produce dishwashing detergent. Today we did not notice that we use to clean things with 2-3 types of detergent, and most of it  do not even have need.

The tea evening has become more special with songs provided by Enrique De Paz Miguel, EVS volunteer of the association.