The Lisznyó Monograph has been presented

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On 16th December the volume called Lisznyó Monograph has been presented in the local community center by the author of the volume, Eszter Derzsi historian. The volume has been published under the coordination of the Green Sun Association. The photographs about the event can be viewed on the association’s facebook page.

The 80 participants were greeted by the host, János Német, member of the local government. Following this, Dr. István Raduly, mayor of Uzon municipality and György Derzsi Calvinistic pastor spoke to the assembled. After the greetings the author presented the content of the monograph in detail through projected pictures and presentation. The colorful publication was praised by Zoltán Kisgyörgy geologist. The quality of the more than one-hour-long book presentation was raised by the songs of the Manna Group and it was closed by a „love treat”. The monograph was edited by Györgyjakab Boróka fine art artist and the author made dedications on the spot.

The organizers are grateful for the support of Bethlen Gábor Foundation, Uzon Municipality, Parish of Lisznyó, János Hidi and Gabriella Hidi. Translated by Péter Csilla Photo: Gayane Asatryan