Manócska kindergarden

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 A sunny day welcomed us today, and with our recycling material in our arms, a lot of energy and big smiles, the Green Sun Association went into the kindergarden Manócska. Sleepy children were waiting for playing, learning and enjoying one different hour in their schedule. The aim this time was concern about where to put the rubbish everyday in function of the materials. We started teaching them about it and afterward they could show what they learned with a special game. 

Playing in couples they throw a cube to reach different squares with some types of rubbish that, of course, they needed to put in the correct way. 15 kinds of materials used by everyone and common in every home place, being plastic staff the bigger amount. Step by step we want to teach our children to make a better world and of course, must be necessary start when they are in that age, 4 to 5 years old.
A very good morning keeping our motivation high and teaching some environmental education in Kézdivásárhely.

Author: Silvia Blanco.