Memorial tree

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A few memorial boards were placed on old trees around Covasna county. Exactly in these villages: Kézdiszentlélek, Kézdiszentkereszt, Esztelnek, Bereck, Kézdisárfalva, Gelence, Haraly, Csernáton, Dálnok, Maksa, Aldoboly, Árkos, Sepsikőröspatak, Kálnok, Málnás, Málnásfürdő, Sepsibükszád. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

Kis Emese (hungarian teacher in Bod Péter School), organizer of this event, want to remark the importance of these trees and their age, this way people can recognize and take a look of them. The name of the tree it’s written in four languages (Hungarian, English, Romanian and German). Green Sun Association participate on it because some of these villages goes trough the Nemere Trail. On Friday 25th the participants was Emmanuelle Baillet, Kelemen Zsolt and Ráduly Attila and on Saturday 26th Szabó Attila, Gema Puerma Castillo and Kónya László. We help the organizers to put the memorial boards on the tree. In both days the event had start from 9 a.m. and we were accompanying with girls who sing a song in each village about the nature and the trees and also they recited a poems. Thank you to everyone who participated and offered us cakes and drinks.

Author: Gema Puerma Castillo