*Mid Term Meeting (MTE) Time*

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Between February 8 and 12 , I had Mid Term Meeting (MTE). That week was busy, frustrating but on the other hand it was beneficial for me. You might want to know what is MTE. Mid Term Meeting (MTE) is dedicated to volunteers, students and employees involved in activities longer than 6 months in Romania within the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ . This is part of the training and assessment cycle.

In the times of Covid-19, we had to make a virtual meeting. Not being  able to meet in the same room with other volunteers and speak each other in person  became a major challenge for us during the virtual meeting. But our trainers managed the meeting well under the best of circumstances. The meeting was about sharing opinions, presenting our projects, wellbeing, toolfare, learning so on.

Apart from these, MTE gave a chance to volunteers who are volunteering under  the different associations to know  them each other well. That is the great part of meeting. I have meet a lot people on the meeting and I am so happy for that.

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