Move! – In the right direction

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Green Sun Association is organizing this year for the ten consecutive year, his photo contest. The name of the photo contest this year is Move! – In the right direction, and from the winning photos, the organization will make his yearly calendar for the year 2017. The photos of the contestants can be followed on the following link. The organizers are trying to make people aware of the eco transportation ways, like: walking, biking, with scooter, etc. One important request is that the pictures should gave back the „right direction”, the imagination of the photographer about a living community.

We are expecting also photos, what show to us the right direction in what we can move for a better, eco-friendly transportation ways. Or even ideas of what we can do to breath more fresh air?

For the organization of the contest the infrastructure is given by the website of the association: Deadline for transmitting the photos is: October 20. 2016. After the deadline a jury, composed by 4 members will evaluate the photos and decide witch ones are the best. The organization is accepting photos only electronically, and the resolution of the photos must be minimum 1280×720, and one participant can send maximum 3 pictures at the email adress

On the photo contest everybody can participate, without any age limit, who accept the rules of the contest. The contestants declare by sending the photos, that the photos are made by them and by sending the photos they are give up the copyright of the photos. When the contestants are applying they are asked to send their name, address and phone number so they can be contacted. The transferred dates are treated with confidentiality. The organizers are maintaining their right to exclude those photos what are not in the field of the contest.

The results of the contest will be available in November with previous announcement about it. The creators of the most beautiful photos will be rewarded with diplomas and the following prices:

I.price:  200 lei value giftpack

 II.price: GSA gift pack

 III.price: GSA gift pack

Sponsors: Covasna County Council, Niko , Erasmus plus and Bethlen Gábor Foundation

Author : Ráduly Attila

Poster: Silvia Blanco González