Moving Afternoon

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The Green Sun Association in partnership with the Sport Office and with the Puskás Ferenc Socker Button Club is organizing for the first time on October 21 between 17-19 a clock the Moving Afternoon event in the city's sport arena. With this occasion the organizers are waiting for everybody who is willing to make sport, play and have fun in the same time.

Please bring with you your sport shoes to change in the arena.

The aim f the event is to get together families, friends and make some sports together, try out new things and spend their time in a healthy, productive way. This occasion is also a good opportunity to make new friends and learn a lot of new games.

In the name of the organizers: Ráduly Attila (president GSA,) Kozman Béla (Puskás Ferenc Klub), Kocsis Zoltán (sport office)

Poster: Melissa Oller