This mysterious Romania

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Everyone, being in a new city or country, tries to see and experiment everything that is possible. Before my trip to Romania I made a short bucketlist:

1. Visit Brasov;

2. Take a walk in Bucharest in the night;

3. Try “mamaliga”;

4. Visit the castle Peles;

5. Travel to Bran – Dracula Castle.

As I thought-my list is quite informative. In fact, it was very different. 4 points out of 5 are already made. And only for a month of my stay here. In order not to stop there, it is productive and interesting to spend a year, I decided to make a new list, which will have more points, which means that it will take more time to get acquainted with the mysterious Romania.

So, I came to the compilation of a new list thoroughly-for a month I got acquainted on the Internet with the main sights of Romania, national dishes and just read the blogs of people who visited Romania as tourists.

This is what I have:

1. Visit the castles of Dracula and the Corvin Castle;

2. Go to the Carpathians, ;

3. A walk through Sibiu, Sighisoara, Constanta, Targu-Mures, Timisoara;

4. Visit the Danube Delta;

5. Visit the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta;

6. Scarisoara cave;

7. A trip on the Transfagarasan road ;

8. To see the Bigar waterfall, mountain lake Lacul Rosu;

9. Relax at the Balea Lac Ice hotel;

10. Take a picture of the fortress Rasnov, Sarmizegetusa and a statue of king Decebalus;

11. Go to one of the churches in Maramures;

12. The ride on the steam train in the valley of Vaser;

13. Visit Salina Turda;

14. To see lake Balea;

15. Walk along the Vidraru dam.

The list was impressive both in size and distance of these places from the city in which I live. But I'm not looking for easy ways!

And I invite you to join me on a short journey to fulfill one of the items on my list.

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