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On 7th-8th May the Green Sun Association organized the first camp of Nemere Trail in co-operation with partner associations. The main sponsors of the two-day tour were the Polgár-Társ Alapítvány and Tusnád Ásványvíz Rt. The photos made during the event can be viewed here.

On Saturday morning two cycling team, formed of 9-9 persons, started their 50 km long journey from the Fortyogó parking lot. The teams traveled by touching the next settlements: Oroszfalu, Ozsdola, Kézdimartonos, Bereck, Lemhény, Kézdialmás, Csomortán, Esztelnek, Kurtapatak, Bélafalva, Kézdiszentkereszt, Kézdiszentlélek, Kiskászon, Kézdiszárazpatak, Kézdivásárhely. The camp was settled previously in a school of Kurtapatak by a team of 3 people. They were receiving the 2 “route-assigning” cyclist groups, the musicians and organized their catering and accommodation. On Saturday evening, after the dinner the 30 participants were amazed by Csutak Magdolna’s presentation: Natural Curiosities in the surroundings of Bálványos. Following the photoillustrated-projected presentation, Fejér Ameli Lilla and Deszke Krisztina Bea played guitar and the group sang together. Because of the Saturday evening’s heavy rain we could not finish and fulfill the pre-planned distance, so the remained parts will be designated daily in the afternoon. Our next camp will be organized on 4-5 June on the following route: Kézdivásárhely, Szentkatolna, Hilib, Gelence, Haraly, Zabola, Kovászna, Csomakőrös, Papolc, Zágon, Kézdivásárhely. Supporting partners of the project were: Cholnoky Jenő Földrajzi Társaság, KSE- bycicle section, Sport Office of Kézdivásárhely, KSE – Ski and snowboard section, Nagy Mózes elementary school of Esztelnek and Kelemen Didák elementary school of Almás. In the name of the organizers special thanks to Fülöp István, headmaster of elementary school in Esztelnek for his effective assistance. For more detail and information about the route, please access the website dedicated to this issue.

Translate: Péter Csilla Author: Ráduly Attila Photo: Hosszú Anabella