The Nemere Trail on screen

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This week, on 28th, at Vigadó, Green Sun Association, with the support of the Community Foundation Háromszék and the Youth in Action program presented the Nemere Trail movie. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

About 40 people were gathered for the premiere of the Nemere Trail movie. Visitors also could discover photographs made by Gema Puerma Castillo during the creation of the movie and bicycle tours organized by Green Sun. The movie was directed by Attila Ráduly, President of Green Sun, with Gábor Kelemen and László Gál on cameras, with the help of Ieva Brikmane, our principal actress. The Nemere Trail offers you a summarized overview about the 230 kilometers of the Green Road: riches landscapes, exceptional wildlife, secular traditions, local products… By foot or bicycle, follow the white, red and green signals marked on landmarks, pylons or tree trunks and discover the centuries-old churches, museums, mansions, or the most important natural richness of the region: mineral water sources. The premiere of the Nemere Trail movie was also a way to thanks all the persons that contributed to erect this project. Like our local producers: Róbert Pálházi (our woodworker), Pál Vizi (the beekeeper) or Balázs Rózsa (a producer of tasty applejuice). The Nemere Trail is a pleasant way to discover Transylvania and contribute to promot local turism. So, take your boots and bicycles and let you carried away by the Nemere Trail!

Author: Emmanuelle Baillet Photo: Sebestyén Henrietta