Nemere trail was assigned

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On september 28th in the organisation of Green Sun Association Nemere Trail’s assignment and blessing was held at the yard of Cseh – Kühnle house. Photos made at the ceremonial assignment can be seen on the facebook page of Green Sun Association!

Nemere Trail was dreamed and made by Green Sun Association and Cholnoky Jenő Geographical Association.

Without the help of Environmental Partnership Foundation, Tusnád Mineral Water Rt. and Communitas Foundation The longest green way of Háromszék. The initiators together with their dosens of partners assigned a 230 km long trail through 50 settlements with the aim of showing, make known its natural and cultural beauties. The event was opened with Tusa Levente’s – major of Szentkatolna- speech, in front of 40 volunteers, local pedagogs and guests. Ráduly Attila, GSA president presented in images the project, which tookone and a half year, and was helped by more hundreds of volunteers. The colored, 32 pages long Nemere Trail brochure was presented by its compiler, Márkos Ágnes, activist of Cholnoky Jenő Geographical Association. The free brochure can be accesed on the net. Ráduly Attila project manager sayd, that beginning with this year there will be a ceremony of the Nemere Trail at every settlement on 28th of september. The ceremonial program was made better by Baróthi Johanna’s song from szentkatolna and Fejér Ameli Lilla’s (GSA volunteer) folk songs. After Derzsi György priest’s blessing the participants looked at the three lenguaged informational table. The Green Trail is the thesaurus of opportunities. The initiators aim for the future is that the interested ones can spend more time at our region, to discover the less visited natural and cultural values (for example old buildings and temples), to meet with the oportunities offered by a green trail(walking in the nature, healthy life, freetime and cultural activities, the protection of natural and landscape heritages) and through this helping the economical evolution of the region.

Translated by F.Zs.