The newest issue of the Green Sun newspaper

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The 7th issue of the Green Sun newspaper is out, and it contains reports about the bicycle tour organized in September, about the Kurdish national evening and last but not least about the Christmas events of the Green Suners.

You can also find out by reading the newspaper edited by Biró Levente that the season's most active volunteer is Derzsi Eszter. The members of the organization would like to thank her for her selfless work. Eszter also relates about how she became a member and why volunteering is important for her. There's an interview with the two EVS volunteers Gayane Asatryan and Ieva Brikmane in which they evaluate the 11 months spent in the Three Chairs region in Transylvania. We find out about the goals they had at arriving and the experiences and knowledge they gained in our country. Our volunteer Kanabe Emoke contributed to the newspaper with a professional sum-up on the wastewater treatment process through activated sudge. We can also find out that on the Holy Week of Chrismas the organization had been given the gift of a monograph on Lisnau, by the volunteer Derzsi Eszter, who is also the deputy head mistress of the Bartha Karoly School in Borosneu Mare. On the day of its presentation the author dedicated the colorful publication, edited by Györgyjakab Boróka. At the end of the paper along with the Christmas card designed by Ieva Brikmane the readers can see the cover of the monograph. The free paper, which appears in every three months can be read on the webpage zoldnap info.

Author: Ráduly Attila Translation: György Andrea