Non formal education at Turóczi Mózes school

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Today some classes at Turóczi Mózes school in Kézdivásárhely have fun and learn with thehelp of some members of Green Sun Association (Ráduly Attila, Ieva Brikmane, Emmanuelle Baillet, Ivassenko Elaine and Gema Puerma Castillo). Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

The activity started very early this morning, at 8am we met at the school entrance and we went straight to one of the classes. We begin with the class of eight, 14 years old and about 20 students. The dynamic has been more or less the same in the various classes. Ráduly Attila began presenting and saying our home countries. He made the suggestion that someone drew a map of Europe on the board. After presentations (introduce ourselves), to which some responded with interest faces. One of the main activities was the presentation of the Bicycle and Nemere Trail. History, safety and advantages of bike. The kids were very active with this. To make a short break before continuing thought it, was good idea to make a dynamic game, this was one of those which learned in our arrival training. The second class we attended, a year younger than the previous, seventh grade (13 years old) were about 26 students. In this case the volunteers of Green Sun received many questions about our country and even our language. Also quite active with the presentations. Finally the class of the smallest (12 years old) sixth grade, were almost 30 students. In this class we didn’t used the projector, we talked again about our countries. They had many questions for us. They seemed to be very interested in France. They asked some questions like: Have you been this year in the Eiffel Tower?, When playing Real Madrid and Barcelona?, What is the most attractive for tourists traveling to Latvia? Or, what they do not like in Romania? These students have had a chance of getting a little from our culture and learn more details about the bike and the bike Nemere Trail and practice english.

Author: Gema Puerma Castillo Photo: Ieva Brikmane