NYITOTT SZEMMEL Association was our guest!

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In the last days of October Green Sun Association had the wonderful opportunity to have as guest 8 members of Nyitott Szemmel Association from Kecskemét, Hungary. Photos from the visit can be seen on association Facebook page. The aim of the visit was that members of the 2 organizations learn from each other, to listen to each others stories, programs, share experiences, and trough this to develop in further projects. Beside this the members of the organizations aimed to knew more each other and to make a solid partnership in the future. On Tuesday they had visit together the city center , the yards, the museum, and the House of Collections. In the afternoon in the headquarter of GSA the members had familiarized more with the programs of the organizations. Next day they had a road trip to the famous St. Ana`s lake and they had visited the recently renovated Apor girls bath. On Thursday in organization of Green Sun Association and Sport Office the Hungarian association participated at the table tennis championship, where they had received many awards. The meetings in the evening were enchanted by the stories of the members, witch bring them closer to each other and strengthen the relation between the 2 organizations. The members of GSA thanks for the visit and hopes in further programs together. Fotó: Ráduly Attila és Bíró Levente