Our hearts require the changes! (Viktor Tsoi)

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What motivates a person to participate in an EVS project? While you are a student-it's a thirst for adventure, testing yourself, the will to travel. What motivates a person who graduated from College, got a good job, career opportunities, her own small apartment? What drives me?

On March 1, 2018, I was sitting in my office on a stable job, listening in the headphones the group "Kino" and Victor Tsoi «Peremen!» ("Changement!"), when I saw on the monitor the post of the group "sphere-international volunteer programs" and, you know, I really wanted the „peremen” (change)! In half a day I found enough information about " Erasmus+", "Sphere" group, EVS, organization "Green Sun Association " and it was clear to me – this is my opportunitie, I need to act! So this is how began my path of volunteer.

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