Peace around the trees

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On September 21 at 17:00 Green Sun association is celebrating already for the seventh time the International Day of Peace in the Molnár Józsiás central park. On this day many institutions, individuals organize worldwide events to raise public awareness on the importance of peace. Also various organizations fights to stop wars and conflict situations. On this day even warring states are invited to stop shots at least for a day.

The event starting at 17.00, participants are invited to join us to read together the message of UN Secretary General and to carry out activities related to the park's trees. On the event will recite Sárkány Zsófia and will sing Kamilla Klára. On September 21 we celebrate the International Day of Peace, but can we talk about peace? Since the end of the II World War it was not a day on Earth where without wars. Today a third of the population of the Earth lives in areas of conflict The photo will be send to the main organizer Peace One Day. ( This event is supported by the local government.