Photo exhibition: “Animals in nature”

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On 8th October took place in Vigadó Cultural Center, the photo exhibition contest about “Animals in nature”. From 25th August till 25th September people from all around the world had the opportunity to send photos about this topic. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

It was successful, 86 participants and 238 photographs (each person could send three), from all of them Green Sun Association exhibited forty, these which the jury (Nagy Lajos, Bede Gábor, Kelemen Gábor and Vetró András) have chosen. The photographers, in this kind of photographs, are in contact with the nature and the animals, respecting them and appreciating the beautiful relation between them. The event started at 18h, with a very nice music from Bartok Rebeka, a student in a Molnár Józsiás school with the company of Cserkész Emese in the piano. Lung László Zsolt, the director of Vigadó, said welcome to this event and thank you to Green Sun Association for organized it. Nagy Lajos the president of the jury was talking about the photography and he commented few pictures. Continually I had the pleasure to recited a poem in my language, “Andaluces de Jaén” from a spanish famous poet, Miguel Hernández (1910-1942). Ráduly Attila unveiled the winners: 1. Urák István - Gyöngyök (Köpec) 2. Pénzes Janka - Szemfüles (Martonos) 3. Urák István - Vörös napkelte (Köpec) The awards were given to: 1. Urák István - Fast food (Köpec) 2. Zsigmond Andrea Rebeka Pilleszerelem (Kolozsvár) 3. Bartók Csaba - Rózsabokorba jöttem a világra (Kézdivásárhely) And finally the assistants voted for a winner: Urák István - Vörös napkelte (Köpec) Congratulations to every winner! If you miss the event but you want to see the photographs will be in Vigadó till 1st November.

Author: Gema Puerma Castillo Photo: Kónya László