Porczel Bea Summary

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I’m Porczel Bea, anchor at Profi Radio, from Kézdivásárhely, and volunteer for a long time in a great team. I’ve met Ráduly Attila, Green Sun Association president thanks to the media, and during the first talk the great porpose to do and dinamism of this small team emerged, and since that it became a bigger team. So green themes, nature, environmental ways interested me, so it wasn’t hard to fit into this team, i still remember the firts non-official meeting, hold at Perkő, Upper three chairs, during a bacon roasting, it was having fun and learning at a time, and it remained an unforgottable memory. The Greensare a big family if it’s about work or any other problem, they are always ready to solve it. If you think of volunteering, you have to remember, that helping people is the most gorgios thing, it makes you happy and gives youself-confidence, and you can tell, that you’ve been taking part in a programme , and I did something to change my enviroment. You can’t think of what you get for your work, becouse many say they don’t do anithing without being payed for it, you have to remember, giving is better than getting, and if more people remember this they will realise how Green Sun Association works.

Translated by F.Zs.