Practices for saving an imaginary city

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On March 30, members of the Green Sun association were present in Bod Péter Pedagogical School, where they held environmental education activities. Among others in the course of the day was organized a contest and held a presentation about the importance of water. Students today are the witnesess of what changes our planet and our environment goes trough. The purpose of our environmental activities is to raise awareness of the importance of stoping these negative change. We will only succeed through preventive actions. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

31 students participated in various activities and together we developed concrete solutions, strategies to save an imaginary city of pollution. Students were grouped and tried to save each city acting on behalf of various institutions. So were groups representing city hall, school, shopping center, farms, restaurants, etc. After developing strategies each team presented its plans after these have been analyzed. All six teams have developed useful strategies so we can say that our city was saved from pollution. Saving an imaginary city, is part of on interactive activitie developed within the Green Sun School.