Presentation of the ‘On the green road’ project

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The Green Sun Association form Kézdivásárhely held a press conference with the title ‘On the green road’ on 15 February. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

Project coordinator Ráduly Attila and mentor Derzsi Katalin presented the project called ‘On the Green Road,’ which started on 1st February and the main goal of which is to further develop the green trail, by the name Nemere Trail and to educate towards an environmental friendly behavior. Environmental education influences decisions taken at the expense of environmental quality, the development of one’s personality, and one’s behavior in general. The project, which is meant to last more than a year will popularize the opportunities offered by the European Voluntary Service. In the same time it will also include the well-known events, organized by the GSE. During the presentation, EVS girls Emmanuelle Baillet, Elaine Ivassenko and Gema Puerma Castillo talked about their own aims for the upcoming months/year. ’The presence of the three volunteers in our town gives scope for organizing other national evenings and we are also excited about offering townspeople an opportunity to learn new languages non-formally, for free. From mid-March GSE will organize French and Spanish lessons on a weekly basis.’ – said the organizers, who answered further questions at the end of the press conference. This event is supported by the second subsection of the European Voluntary Service, part of the Youth in Action program.

Author: Ráduly Attila Translation: Gyorgy Andrea