Presentation of the Nemere Trail in Covasna

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It was the common dream of the Green Sun Association and the Cholnoky Jenő Geographical Association to create the Nemere Trail, the longest green trail in the Three Chairs region, which wouldn’t have come into existence without the support of the Environmental Partnership Foundation, Tusnád Mineral Water Rt. and Communitas Foundation. The Nemere Trail runs on 230 kilometers and it passes through 50 settlements and its scope is to popularize the natural and cultural values of Upper Three Chairs and Orbai Chair. Ráduly Attila, the president of the Green Sun Association did a PowerPoint presentation in Covasna, of the Nemere Trail brochure, which describes in 32 colorful pages the project realized by more than 100 volunteers and which lasted one year and a half. You can leaf through the booklet on the internet. The photos taken at the presentation can be watched on the facebook page of the Green Sun Association.

Photos: Balázs Attila Translation: Gy. A.